Tumblr is going to kill me in the end

My wood carving teacher said I am tenacious. I guess I have to give in and admit that I am not good at giving up. And that’s a good thing.

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Ok, beautiful people. I want to say that I am sorry I haven’t answered to people or checked on them or just said hi. There are a ton of people I want to speak to lately and know I think about you and if you feel like I am ignoring you, I am not. I am just completely drained. I hoped this new routine would get easier on me with time but I just went from physically exhausted to drained. My best friend texted me during a crisis and I forgot to answer. Still haven’t. Coming up with something to say requires too much of an effort and I don’t feel I have the mental strength to do so. It’s terrible. All the fuss with the train yesterday and getting home late didn’t help especially since I have to stay six hours at uni today. And I still have a lot of things to do before going to Norway except I don’t have the time nor the strength. I just want to sleep XD
Also not having the pc is not helping, I find it hard to use the tumblr app to answer. Also I will take a break from tumblr tomorrow evening because I will wach IKMY on Wednesday and I don’t want it to be spoiled to me and on Wednesday because I will be travelling for 12 hours XD
I miss you all and I live you all and I think about you. I am just a crappy friend and a crappy human being lately and I blame university.

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My train has a 160 minutes delay. Because some football fans of a team I never heard of occupied a station, attacked the personnel and damaged some trains.
How the fuck is it possible that in Italy we only show our voice when fucking football is involved?!?! We have been (POORLY) dealing with crisis for years. The new government gives us 80 euros to show us its good faith while fucking us really hard in the ass with something else. Their main concern is that a rapper who made a song for a political party can’t be judge on X factor because of his being involved in politics. I won’t have a scholarship to become doctor in my own country and they speak about rappers in parliament.
We don’t have a fucking future and people demonstrate for football. Gotta love Italy.

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gotta love knitting needles. i can make a scarf. i can make a hat. i can stab your eyes out. i can make mittens.

What was that middle part?

i can make a hat

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ad-----astra: Spero di non essere tardi per il giochino delle canzoni, comunque 'Hi' :D

Figurati, ad——-astra, quanto a essere in ritardo ti batto XD Oltretutto che non possa mettere tag agli ask da cellulare e manco più modificare i post (in compenso si possono condividere con ventordici programmi sconosciuti che ti impone Samsung) mi perplime (anche se non è un vero verbo XD)

Sommer lovin’ had me a blast (obbligatorio ora cantarla tutta e sentire la mancanza del migliore amico. Che di solito canta Sandy, mentre io faccio Danny XD)
I’ve never been the one to shout because I listen
Times have changed and times are strange
I’ve been alone with you inside my mind (era partita tanto bene……… XD) (e ora canto Lionel Richie)
Mama, take this badge from me (che secondo l’ipod è Traccia audio 01 di Nessun artista presa dall’album Senza titolo)

… la canzone di una persona indecisa che canta #coseacaso per non farsi mancare nulla, temo :/

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playit-mrtoot: can i still get a "hi"? ^^

Aber doch, playit-mrtoot!! ♥

You know a land there South of my mind
I am a one-way motorway
Hey, Ma (XD)
Plain gold ring on his finger he wore
All I really wanna know

This has no sense XD

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calledonia: Hei (are you still doing the "Hi" thing?)

I am!! With some days of delay XD

Well, I’d like to take you as I find you
Do you want me like this
Good looking bad tasting
I might run and hide when you’re screaming my name, alright
I come home in the morning light [(…) oh girls just wanna have fun]

XD my iPod is feeling super naughty tonight!!!

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Important reminder: Everyone on the internet is a real person.

Go read this. It’s really important.

Be kind to one another.

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And I am back! :)
Thanks to all of you who replied to my post! Internet is back and despite my being chill I found out the flooding reached the other side of the square I live one XD so we still have mud on some streets and some people still don’t have Internet or mobile reception but my only problem now is that there was smoke coming from my laptop XD so it doesn’t charge anymore and I brought him to the assistance shop and don’t have it now and I hope with all my heart they will be able to fix it and that it doesn’t cost too much because… Norway in a week, have to save money XD

Thanks for the concern :*

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Hi, folks. I might not be online for a while because we had a big storm and a risk of flooding and my internet connection died. My cell reception is shitty, too. But it’s not raining anymore so I hope things will be normal again in a few hours. My part of the city has no problems with flooding, so yay! I just hope I don’t have to go to class tomorrow XD
But yeah, just wanted to say I have no Internet or a really poor internet mobile connection in just one corner of the house XD be back asap! :) love you all!

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Taylor Swift vs. Avril Lavigne - We are Complicated

#this sounds like the act 1 finale of a teenage lesbian jukebox musical

#that tag changes everything

#Taylor’s widely acknowledged around town as the ‘good girl’ #Avril’s from the wrong side of the tracks #natural opposites that get paired as partners for a chemistry project #what starts out as schoolwork becomes something more as the girls slowly fall for each other #but there’s trouble in paradise when Avril realizes Taylor’s needy for attention and Taylor thinks Avril’s too edgy #a fight breaks out and the two break it off #Act 1 ends with them storming away from each other to opposite sides of the stage #Taylor sings of how through she is with Avril #and Avril is furious at Taylor for being so complicated

"Take off all your preppy clothes" omfg its so perfect leav e me to die

Let’s play the “how long ‘till I regret having drawn this” game


First time I reblogged this was MONTHS ago and I still listen to it regularly, and also think about writing a teenage lesbian jukebox musical very often.

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yesanastasia: hihihihihihihihihi :))))

Heiheihei :)))

Salida de un sueño, vestida de sol (Coming from a dream, dressed in the sun… I don’t even know how to translate it… DON’T ASK I DON’T KNOW WHY I HAVE THIS SONG)

Notte senza vento (Night without wind)

And you, You’re gonna walk backwards 

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba (Here comes a lion, father… yes, it’s the Lion King… that’s the most random thing ever)

Every endless night has a dawning day

THIS HAS NO SENSE WHATSOEVER I AM SORRY XD I am disappointed that the last line is not in yet another language… wait, I’ll try to find something in Norwegian XD 

… OMG the next thing in Norwegian is: “Bente og John er på vei til Norge” XDDDDDDDDD I’m sorry, I tried but you can only have Spanish, Italian, Zulu and English twice, unless after the lion that comes you don’t want two people going to Norway…

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Heiii! ♥

Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame, darling

Say goodnightnot goodbye

Remember when we held on in the rain

La La La La La Girl I’ve been all over the world

Everything here, close to me

… It was promising in the beginning XD But I guess that the last two line could make sense and turn this into a bittersweet love poem. ♥

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